New coder’s blog on the net!

Hi all!

Welcome to yet another tech blog. To set the expectations right away: I will primarily be blogging about code, more specifically .NET. I am starting V O L A T I L E coding for a number of reasons. The first reason is, I guess, pretty common among (prospective) tech bloggers: when reading succesful blogs it always seems rewarding to see your ideas and solutions being helpful to others, and to be able to share and discuss ideas to get interesting feedback. However, between this ambition and an actual successful blog stands, among other things, the sheer multitude of other blogs. Up until some weeks ago, this always made me feel that a new coder’s blog was doomed to remain unnoticed.

But when I got more serious about using Identity Federation and WIF for my professional work a couple of weeks ago, I quickly discovered that WIF was not all that well covered in the blogosfere. Sure, I found some code samples, some Q&A – and of course there’s always Vittorio Bertocci – but I was not overloaded with information as is usually the case with .NET-related queries. So I figured that if I ever wanted to start a blog and actually having a slight change to end up in search engine results, I’d better start blogging about WIF as soon as I could find the time.

The other main reason for starting V O L A T I L E coding is more mundane: it enables me to document some of the issues I encounter in my professional life, and the solutions that I come up with. So hopefully it keeps me from re-inventing the wheel every now and then :).

OK, to close off this starting post, what should you expect? As said, I will primarily blog about .NET-related coding issues. Identity and WIF will be among the subjects, but so will application security and secure development, more generic .NET coding topics, maybe some EntLib-thingies, and possibly even SharePoint. So stay tuned, more is on the way!


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